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the pool. Which i think is pretty decent for a portable homebuilt system. It resulted in a 9 hr heat time, and only costs $1/hr to run, and produces almost no smoke so you know you're not wasting any of your fuel. 9 hrs is still waaaay too long though, that's a whole wasted day. (A side note: there is massive restriction in 1/4" copper tubes, even having 4 plumbed in parallel caused a big reduction in flow. I wouldn't recommend going this small.) The rocket stove was well behaved though, and the concept seems to work well. To get the heat up time down to a passable 2 3 hr range, I think you'd need a rocket stove with about 400% of the output of my 6" diameter system. I haven't built or testing the next prototype yet, but I'm thinking it should be a rocket stove with a 12" diameter burn chamber, which according to simple math should get me to 400% increased output. I haven't figured out how to build this yet, so can't offer any advice there, but according to my tests, and
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initiatives that have resulted in a continued reduction in our Men Chris Kelly Jersey rate of incidents. Although our second quarter results were negatively impacted by reduced activity, the company's improved revenue efficiency and cost management efforts still yielded a second quarter Elite Authenitc Gold Bobby Orr Jersey White Tuukka Rask Jersey operating margin, excluding the favorable Macondo related settlements, depreciation and G expense, of 48%. This is up about 100 basis points sequentially, highlighting another solid quarterly performance as we navigate this challenging market. I'd like to extend my sincere appreciation to our employees around the world for achieving this notable result. Since the last call, we've classified the GSF Celtic Sea and the Transocean Amirante as held for sale. The Amirante will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. The Celtic Sea will either be sold for use in a non drilling capacity or recycled. Excluding the Celtic Sea, we have indicated our intent to scrap a total of 20 floaters, and on a go forward, we will continue